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cl’s interview

for me fashion is complementary to music, they are 2 languages that speak about the same emotions -CL for Vanity Fair Italy

cl’s interview

now Jeremy scott is a stylist of Moschino and I’m here to take a picture with his collection. It’s unbelievable -CL for Vanity Fair Italy

cl’s interview

"people say that she could become even more popular than psy" vanity fair- CL

cl’s interview

cl is now getting ready for her solo album that could be all in englisha turning point that would turn her into a global star

-CL for vanity fair Italy

CL’s interview

"this is the beginning of a new life" -CL for vanity fair Italy

"She’s [Bobby’s aunt] like my mom in Korea. I come here when I miss my mom and want to eat home cooking. I come here whenever I’m homesick."

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“My mother told me I did well after watching the show. But she also told me not to swear.”


Bobby (team b) - SMTM3 interview

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Bobby’s new &ridiculously cute hair on SMTM3 Ep. 9.

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CL is coming to Italy for the fashion week in september!!!!! Oh my god YESSSSSSS